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Client Testimonials:

"I've been using the software to provide demos of our visitor badging products throughout the U.S. and the software has operated flawlessly."
Don Bender, K&A Industries
"As a previous user to WebEx, I've found that eBLVD is easier to use, more functional, and has no firewall issues."
Cindy Biando, SchoolMAX
"...it would be difficult, if not impossible, to beat the price-value combination of eBLVD web meetings."
J. Blood, CopierExpert.com
"When I started with this I knew absolutely nothing about it. Within the first day I had several meetings..."
D. Bodron, State of Alaska
"eBLVD works great for training our clients to use our software, and I enjoy exploring the new features in each version."
Amanda Brine, Third Sector Systems
"...eBLVD has quickly become an important part of our sales and marketing toolkit."
M. Burr, The Fleming Cos.
"As a veteran of WebEx and Placeware I can say... that eBLVD delivers the same functionality and ease of use at a fraction of the cost."
Michael Collier, Efficiency Software
"We have nothing but positive things to say about it. Keep up the good work."
Paul Disbrow, The Bura Group, Inc.
"Thanks for the great product and service."
Jeffrey Duck, Deploy Tech
"GoToMyPC® on steroids"
Robin Good, Master New Media
"eBLVD makes us look good - a two week return on investment! ...everyone was delighted with the service."
L. Guerero, Capo Networks
"This is the most incredible tool I have ever used. My business has exploded. I can now show and support my software to anybody with ease."
Johnnie Hoffman, Agency Master, Inc.
"Our experience has been great - a real time saver and our clients love it!"
Rob Koeliner, Wireless Sales Mngmt. Systems
"Our demos are smooth as butter and present our company in the best possible light to our prospects."
Sean Hahabodi, BillboardPlanet, Inc.
"We were spending $500 per month on WebEx. With eBLVD we spend a fraction of that for the same service and have not had a single problem."
Steve Miller, Pragmatic Software Co.
"It is a great product and has helped our business tremendously. Keep on keeping on."
Darryl Motley, CNC Services Inc.
"eBLVD is VERY easy, clean, and well done. Overall it brings a very favorable impression to the first time viewer."
David Newman, Inimage Software, Inc.
"I've been using eBLVD for over 6 months now and have been very happy with the service."
Steve Serra, Serran Technologies